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Newspaper Article Archive of
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December 7, 2017 Little pleasures of life ask nothing of us
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What floats your boat, rings your bell or tickles your fancy?

OK; plain and simple: What makes you happy?

You know, of course, it’s that time of the year, again; and, we’re supposed to, by tradition, pull out all the plugs and go for it.

Hey! I’m trying to get you into the mood; but it might work out better if I didn’t try so hard? There’s a slight problem involved.

For my part, I’m already worrying for not having pulled out those dusty greeting cards I didn’t send last year because, early didn’t figure into my plans, “not yet” came too quickly and later won out. My heart was in it, but my mind became distracted, and the cards are still lingering on the shelf where everything goes until I get around to sticking them where they should be.

But, putting that all aside for a moment, how about we try to remember (as it’s been said), happiness is a frame of mind. Let’s try to forget those cards, and concentrate on what makes us happy all throughout the rest of the year.

I can think of dozens, right off, but I’ll try not to complicate everything by bringing too many to light at once; well maybe just a few that could possibly sound like some of yours.

I particularly like memories. I can think about a sunny day and a walk (a ride when necessary) to a new or remembered place, to sit (or simply pause) and look at pleasing things always to enjoy (whenever there’s time in this too busy world); of the chance speaking with a friend, on the phone, or from across a lawn (for a lengthy while), especially if having not spoken for a while; better yet, if it hasn’t already happened, a plan is made to meet for a lengthy chat about newsy things both know only something about.

If you are someone who likes solitude, there’s always a time for deep thinking (meditating it’s called by some, dreaming by others), perhaps while sitting on a secluded park bench, or on a riverbank with a fishing line dangling in the bubbles of pesky turtles nibbling on the bait; of experiencing the exciting pleasure allowed when some questionable seeds, after being planted, eventual mature beautifully to attest to proof that life is ever lasting.

In my case comfort comes in remembering the joyful experiences had with a relative, a friend, a former schoolmate, an acquaintance—all of whom are no longer living; and it comes to assure me happiness is in the mind.

We can be sad, if we want to, but we can also be happy in our sadness, if we want to, by celebrating the pleasures of our memories.

In such times as we are now living, when increasing demands assail us daily, it’s gratifying to know the little pleasures of life ask nothing more of us than to enjoy them; and we can easily handle that, can’t we?

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